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This program is for boys and girls ages 8-11


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The Wilderness Christian Camp is set in a rugged outdoor atmosphere with close-to-nature facilities and amenities. Campers do not have access to cell phones, television, electricity and other common luxuries. Camper's will have cold showers and utilized clean and modern outhouses. Campers will prepare two of their own meals over a camp fire while the remained of the meals will be prepared by staff in our modern kitchen facility.



Brief overview of the 9 days...

The first 3 days are focused on relationship building, team building, and a light introduction to outdoors in the Appalachian forests. On the first day campers will be introduced to their guide staff and meet their new teammates as they embark on an adventurous 9-days of excitement and learning. They will load all their luggage and personal belongings onto camp trucks and begin the one-mile hike into camp on foot. After a brief orientation campers will then get a first glance at their new living quarters as they make their way to our challenge course to play some get-acquainted games and begin some team building challenges.

Throughout the entire 9-day journey, campers are always supervised and never have "free time". Every minute of the day is scheduled and purposed. From the "Rise and Shine" bugle in the morning to the closing campfire devotions each night, camper's are on a targeted course toward building lasting values and core character traits that are essential to a God-honoring life. Each part of the learning process is bathed in fun and excitement and is designed to help the camper have a desire to learn and grow. Campers will often be pushed to new levels of achievement threw team competitions and personal rewards.

"Training youth is better then mending adults..."

As the program progresses and days begin to pass campers will soon realize that each of the 9 days are themed with a particular core character quality. An entire day's games, activities, preaching, adventures and devotion times will be unified to point at one quality that they can add to or perfect in their individual lives. Campers will focus on truth, respect, attitude, kindness, obedience, gratefulness and much more. The goal is to bring into check natural misbehavior flaws like, whining, back-talk, fits, disobedience, pride, lying, hitting, anger, revenge, selfishness, obstinance and other such behavior.

Throughout the program campers will be exposed to outdoor life and fun activities such as, Archery, Hiking, Overnight Tent Trip, Zip Line, Climbing Wall, Challenge Course, Bible Preaching, Forest Games, BB Guns, Fire Building, Knott Classes, Pocket Knife Classes, Scripture Memory, Water Balloon Wars, Crazy Games, Campfire Singing, Character Classes and so much more.

As camp begins to wind toward the final days of the program, things begin to slow down a bit as campers are asked to focus on home and the fact they they will soon be entering back into "real life". Staff will encourage campers to examine what they have learned and what they might need to change when they return home.

The last 24 hours of the OnTrack program is an amazing time for campers. The last evening together as a group is spent around what we call a "testimony fire". Campers can share with the group what the Lord has done in their lives during the past 8 days. They will laugh and share funny memories and often talk about how grateful they are for the time they got to spend at camp. This encouraging time of reflection is often a time when campers mentally and spiritually seal the decisions they made that can then become lasting life-long traits.

Outdoor Skills Training...

 The final hours of the OnTrack program are spent in celebration.  The program closes with a camper/parent picnic and award ceremony. This is a very fulfilling and exciting time for both parents and campers as campers are presented with trophies and ribbons and have the opportunity to show their parents around the camp property. Not all parents are able to attend this time, yet it is always the big highlight of the program as camper's are awarded for their achievements.

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A Note to Parents From Our General Director
 "Our method is simple, yet effective.  Young people need to be taught respect and shown love through God's Word. We believe that God gives children parents for the purpose of raising them and preparing them for the future. We are here to assist parents in this difficult process and to help build a strong and vital child / parent relationship.   Our trained staff will guide campers on their fun learning journey. We have a 3 to 1 staff / camper ratio for this program. This ensures that campers are safe and have their needs met individually. Each camper will participate in morning and evening chapel services where they will hear preaching and be challenged from the Word of God. In addition to chapel, campers will also have nightly group devotions and personal devotions each morning before they start their day. This program, along with each program we have, is designed to point the camper to a real and lasting relationship with Jesus Christ. We want to assist parents and churches in developing Godly character in the lives of young people." Our goal is to set "ON TRACK" a vessel fit for the Master's use.- Rev. Jason J. Perlak



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