Ripley, WV (August 18, 2010) - Jason Perlak has also been named the second place winner in the

Mitchum Hardest Working Person In America contest and will receive $20,000. He is preceded only by

grand prize winner, Chad Pregracke. Jason and his wife Kelly have pledged to give the prize money to

The Wilderness Christian Camp.

Jason Perlak is the director and founder of The Wilderness Christian Camp located 13 miles east of

Ripley, WV in the rural town of Gay, WV. He and his wife started the outdoor adventure camp in 2003 with

the goal of reaching young people. Since then, the camp has grown to include summer survival programs

for juniors and teens with a growing portion of the program focused on helping at-risk young people and

off track teenagers. Jason also leads discipleship backpacking trips for adults throughout the year. The

camp seeks to build character, discipline and leadership with a unique outdoor program designed to help

young people escape the distractions of everyday life.

For the past four weeks, supporters from around the world and across the nation have been voting for

Perlakʼs nomination video. The short film was created by his personal assistant, photographer/

videographer Adam Hager, who saw his hard work ethic first hand and thought that he was well deserving

of the title.

The contest was sponsored by Mitchum Antiperspirant, a child company of Revlon. The four month long

advertising campaign is aimed at promoting their product name. They sought to further their brand by

using internet social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and customized voting pages

for their contestants.

Jason Perlak is not only the director of The Wilderness Christian Camp, but he also travels with his family

as a full-time missionary evangelist. He speaks across the nation at youth rallies, summer camps,

churches, seminars, conferences and schools. His primary goal is to help set the course for future

generations. I believe that we are losing a generation of young people. Americaʼs future is in jeopardy

without the proper training of our nationʼs youth. When he is not directing camp programs or fulfilling his

speaking schedule, Jason spends his time organizing fund raisers for The Wilderness Christian Camp.

Some fundraisers include firewood sales, Christmas tree sales and hunting leases. Jason is also a

dedicated family man who always makes time for his wife and four children. Iʼm a husband and dad first

and everything else second.

Jason Perlak is grateful for the opportunity to be in this contest and for the support of people all over the

world. He gives God all the credit and glory for this victory and is pleased to be able to give all of the prize

money to the camp he directs. Iʼm excited that the nation has not only named a Christian as one of its

hardest working people, but also a West Virginia man. Itʼs great to show West Virginia in such a positive


To watch the video that won Jason Perlak $20,000 and hear his personal thank you message you can

visit either or


Jason Perlak

(304) 512-1162